Jolene R. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 3 years ago

Didn’t have any benefit

I followed the instructions but honestly did not notice a change from the days where I took it to the days I didn’t.

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Andreas H. November 11, 2022

Improves motivation

I feel like my productivity and motivation has improved since starting to take this. When I first started, irritability increased a bit, but it seems to have worn off after a couple of weeks.

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Deane . October 25, 2022

4 stars

Scott M. September 10, 2019

Qualia Mind use.

I started this product with the hopes of gaining an edge, working harder, etc. I have found that I can now work longer periods of time without distraction enhancing my productivity. There are a lot of changes including more accessibility to my own mind, more connection to information stored in my...

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Kevin S. September 23, 2022

Sometimes don’t feel it much

Sometimes I don’t feel this product. Other times it does put me in a flow state. Unfortunately more times than not it doesn’t put me in a flow state. The price is very high, however the 50% + 15% off one time coupon it is affordable. I can’t pay $130 a month for this product. I will try to b...

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