Jake S. reviewed Qualia Night | Beta Tester

almost 4 years ago

Deep sleep

Vastly improved deep sleep - measure with Oura. 50-100% improvement in deep sleep minutes per night

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Stanislav S. October 27, 2021

Good supplement

Good supplement for sleep.

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Brad M. July 4, 2020

Mind' if I tell you about 'Night'?

I began taking 'Night' on July 2nd, ideal timing considering my average sleep score was a sub-optimal 71 for the previous week (Oura data). My experience was nothing short of wonder. After five nights of taking the product my average sleep score leapt up to 85. Each day that followed I experie...

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Adam W. July 8, 2020

Subtle, but Effective

I enjoyed the product. Positive results were not reflected with my Oura ring, but there are contraindicating circumstances.

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Christian S. January 18, 2024

Quality rest

I First took qualia focus to help me with work but pairing it with qualia night was the best choose ever. I’ve always struggled staying asleep throughout the night. Since taking Qualia night I feel more rested in the morning which helps with brain fog, fatigue, and tiredness. Great product.

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