Anthony S. reviewed Qualia Mind

over 1 year ago

Clear + Focused

Cardio + Weight Training + Healthy Meals + Qualia Mind = Best Brain performance for me personally.

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Jeff P. October 3, 2019

Impressive Product!!

Qualia Mind is the best product that I have ever taken! It helps me stay more focused and calm, when performing tasks that can create "mind overwhelm" and my memory seems more accessible as a result! Qualia Mind is an awesome product! I highly recommend it!

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Andrew V. September 21, 2018

Almost ineffable: clarity, calm, presence & stable happiness doesn't quite capture it or do it justice, and yet obvious at the same time. Very impressed and grateful!

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Miriam H. May 6, 2023

So Far, So Good

I just got the product today. The ordering was easy and the shipping was fast.

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Michelle C. June 20, 2023

I love Nootropics

I love nootropics and this is a very well researched, comprehensive ingredient, quality product I could feel working within the 1st couple days and I am 71. Yay Neurohackers!

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