Matthew J. reviewed Qualia NAD+ | Beta Tester

over 1 year ago

Clean energy

This product seemed to provide me with clean energy throughout the day, that was the biggest improvement I felt.

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Maggie O. May 5, 2024

Excited to tey

Expecting nothing but good outcome.

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Kim V. February 10, 2024

Anticipating great results

Based on the reviews, I’m anticipating great results. I just took my first two capsules.

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Eric D. February 3, 2024

Eric D/

The NAD+ has given this 56 year old more endurance on his Zone 2 runs and overall has provided more energy during the day.

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David A. April 7, 2024

Love the idea, but this is not sustainable.

This is something I will try, in short cycles. It is expensive and is not sustainable for long term use. My wish is that quality supplements will be sustainably priced so they are available to everyone.

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