Jeffery T. reviewed Qualia Senolytic

over 1 year ago

Cell Insurance

While fasting, I've read that my body enters Autophagy after 14-15 hours. I have already felt the benefits of intermittent fasting for the last six weeks. I plan on continuing to take the monthly dose of Qualia Senolytic as an insurance policy for my cells.

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Jeff T. June 2, 2022


Surprised - seems to help reduce irritation I had been feeling in my hands. Like blister packaging for freshness and ease of dosage.

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Lorene S. March 15, 2024

Price? Pricey!

Pretty sure anyone taking this is already taking ten other supplements for basics. I'm not even sure it does anything yet. Hard to add $70 to a monthly vitamin budget. Anything you can do about the cost? I might give it a longer chance if it was a lot less money.

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Sallie H. November 26, 2023

Hopeful & optimistic, have been waiting to try!

Have seen these come up via Dave Asprey many times. Have been wanting to try. I’ve only just taken my second day of pills so will be interested to watch for changes for the rest of the month. I wish the price point was half of what it is, not sure I can afford this full price on a monthly basis.

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Alyse P. May 19, 2023

Excited to see the results

I just took my first dose today, so I can't wait to check back in a few weeks to update on how much better I am feeling :)

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