Jennifer D. reviewed Qualia Mind Caffeine Free

over 3 years ago

Can’t tell

I can’t tell a difference when using this product..

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Melissa L. April 1, 2020


I started taking 5 pills if Qualia caffeine free. I couldn't sleep at night. I dropped down to 3 and I still couldn't sleep. I did notice some more focus during the day, but not being able to sleep is a big deal for me. I am extremely happy with the customer service I received from Qualia. They a...

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J. S. March 19, 2022

Service and producet

Very responsive. Product is excellent so far.

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Jason D. October 24, 2020

Works Well BUT

Works well I feel more alert and less mental fatigue. BUT the product gives me a headache, I don’t know if it’s because of underline problem or if I’m sensitive to an ingredient. However I probably won’t be able to keep using it which is disappointing

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Gary B. December 20, 2023

Time to get stuff done

Helps alot with focus and energy to get things done.

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