Kriselle M. reviewed Qualia Mind

almost 2 years ago

5 stars

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Elizabeth D. January 17, 2022

AMAZING focus and clarity

I took Mind one morning and honestly forgot I took it. I started working at my desk and with such clarity started organizing things. I had such focus. There was such a difference it made me stop to think what was different and then I remembered I took mind. It really gave me the clarity of prescr...

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Querllon M. October 23, 2023

5 stars

Louise-Ann S. July 26, 2023

Qualia mind

Will keep taking it. First two days of taking it , I realized I am more aware and collective. Also,I am more patient than before.

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Lenier A. November 24, 2021

Game changer

Ive tried many nootropics stacks before but this one makes me experience the best sense of emotional and cognitive well-being to perform on creative projects.

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