Katalina D. reviewed Qualia Mind Energy Shot

over 4 years ago

For me, this product only gave me a very slight focus increase more than usual with a little bit of energy! I believe my body would take much better with Qualia Mind and also Qualia Focus. I spoke to someone earlier about sending me bottles of those two to reveiw for you and make a story/post on social media channels for your company. Really love what you're all about! =]

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Carlos C. February 11, 2021


Felt more energized through the day not too happy with the flavor.

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Will W. February 9, 2021

Null Effect.

I took the product on empty stomach 5 consecutive days. I used no other products of your during this period. I had no bad days mentally but those are very rare. I didn't notice any effects good or bad. I regularly consume tea in the morning and doubt I would notice the caffeine. Flavor was bad bu...

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Shawn W. February 8, 2021

Night shift booster

This energy shot helped me stay awake and focused during my night shifts at the hospital. I would recommend this to those looking for that focused boost without the crash.

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Aurora F. February 4, 2021

Good clean energy and clear head!

This product gave me good energy without the jitters. I also noticed my head and focus also improved!

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