Qualia Mind Caffeine Free Reviews

Jo C. - 2024-06-10
Glad to have a caffiene free version
Trenton H. - 2024-06-05
Acuity and clarity at pristine levels.
Jocelyn J. - 2024-04-29
I took Focus prior, and I think I liked it more because of the caffeine. This was similar in its effects except for the energy (though focus did have 100 mg of caffeine). Both had the effect that I had initially had with focus that I did not expect. It turned off the multiple inner monologue in my head! I didn't realize how self-critical I was and this allowed me to tune out those voices. I can't go back. I'm more confident and don't care as much about what people think of me. Truly life-chan...Read more.
Carson L. - 2024-04-06
I've had qualia mind a few years ago and kinda forgot about it. With the savings they offer through subscribing and coupon codes I got it at a great value and it has always immensely boosted productivity and brain activity.
Marcos M. - 2024-03-03
I had used Qualia Mind (Caffeine Free) a couple of years ago to great effect. Having made a commitment to restart my usage of these supplements, I continue to be amazed how their effectiveness is no different then and now. I feel more focused, less dazed and fluttering compared to my non-Qualia states. It just feels good to be back in balance and to know these supplements provide the added supports I need to regain my creativity and follow through I had before.
Omar T. - 2024-02-10
I have tried all the nootropics in the market and by far this one is the best. I would like if they added Lion's mane to it, but other than that, perfect.
Heather F. - 2024-01-29
works well for me!
Sarah M. - 2024-01-23
Helped me focus without the jitters and I was able to unwind after without experiencing a crash. Very well formulated!!
Leslie G. - 2024-01-10
Seems to keep me going all day with a clear and focused head
Oscar R. - 2024-01-07
Qualia is a game changer for me. I am a web developer and when debugging with a foggy brain it takes a while for me to identify an issue at times and with taking my first dose I see the difference! I also feel that I can come up with better code than what I normally would, almost as if my code I create that needs less refactoring.
James S. - 2023-12-10
This is my 2nd month with Qualia Mind Caffeine Free and I love this product. I only have to take 4-5 capsules to feel the impact of improved focus and recall. A new challenge for me is relearning to trust that recall. I was getting used to having to constantly check myself and lost a lot of confidence in my memory. Now I'm pleasantly being surprised with greater confidence.
Kevin D. - 2023-12-09
Qualia Mind makes me feel as focused as the tip of the spear and my days seem to flow serendipitously…
Nhan T. - 2023-12-09
This is a gamechanger for my morning routine
Cassandra E. - 2023-12-01
I have more energy and I'm thrilled that my mind feels sharper than ever.
Jacob W. - 2023-11-15
I absolutely love how Qualia Mind is able to regenerate and restore my cognition. I used to be incredibly sharp and then I had for many years abused Cannabis and had found it was harder to recall certain events and even my ability to spell went down. Upon taking Qualia.. It was almost a spiritual experience for me, the first time I took it the evening of I saw auras around plants, it was so cool! Aside from that I can feel a greater sense of mental organization and a MUCH faster recall. This ...Read more.
Christopher B. - 2023-11-14
There are many scenarios throughout my day where I would usually experience high levels of anxiety. However, when taking Qualia (caffeine free), the anxiety is almost non-existent.
Christopher B. - 2023-11-14
There are many scenarios where I would normally experience high levels of anxiety. However, when taking Qualia (caffeine free), the anxiety is almost non-existent.
Kathleen P. - 2023-10-27
Five years ffter being diagnosed with lupus, I began experiencing symptoms of brain fog. Given the nature of my work, where I am entrusted with the care of others, a sharp memory is crucial. During my board exam preparation, I tried Qualia Mind and fortunately, I didn't encounter any adverse effects. Instead, I distinctly remember successfully passing the exam and becoming a nurse. As I prepare for the FNP board exam in December, I've been exploring alternative, more cost-effective brain s...Read more.
Paris G. - 2023-10-19
I've been using Qualia Caffeine Free for about 10 months now, and the difference has been outstanding from the get-go, not only am I more creative, but I'm also focused with intent, it has helped balance my emotional state to be consistent in life and work. Thank you Neurohacker Collective, you have done what no other nootropic has been able to do, I am eternally grateful.
Guest - 2023-10-15
Provides clarity of mind and improves speed of thought processing
Alexander W. - 2023-09-21
Helps clear my mind and enable focussed thought.
tanner j. - 2023-08-20
Gets me up to speed, and helps me keep up with my more complex works, tastes like flavored dirt when I burp though.
Eva A. - 2023-08-15
Since I’ve been taking Mind I’ve been able to focus more and stay on task.
Martin G. - 2023-08-15
To whom it may concern, qualia mind caffeine free has helped me very much with my work as far as concentration and focus i get thru my with ease and conker very many task. I feel so much better with this supplement and I'm 60 years young and doing well, thank you so much 👍 ❤️
Michael A. - 2023-08-14
Quaila Mind is absolutely effective. It sharpens my focus and mental clarity and gets me on a "let's get it done" mode. In the office my colleagues joke about how Quaila makes me so fast that I finish their sentences and move on quickly to the next topic.