Lindsay Briner

Research Scientist, The Transformative Technology Lab

Lindsay Briner is a distinguished neuro-psychologist, executive coach, and leadership development trainer. She has dedicated her career to exploring the neural correlates of consciousness and the mechanisms underlying motivation. Her background in neuroscience and innovative research at the Transformative Technology Lab in Palo Alto, CA, involved analyzing large datasets on the neuro-psychology of persistent nondual experience. Her research is the foundation for Lindsay’s unique brain retraining program that targets the stress response for high achievers. 

Preventing and Repairing Burnout – Stabilized Flow.

Through her research and subsequent application of her programs, Lindsay has discovered that flow states do not need to be temporary “peak” experiences. Unlike the traditional concept of flow state, which is often transient and situational, Lindsay's pioneered “flow trait” which refers to an enduring optimal performance that can be maintained consistently. Her Stabilized Flow program integrates cutting-edge findings from cognitive neuroscience, sports psychology and meditation to rewire the brain's response to stress, resolve the inner critic and unlocks hidden leadership potential.

As a consultant and researcher, Lindsay has collaborated with leading experts in physics and molecular biology to study quantum coherence and the vibrational modes of neural molecular structures. Lindsay's work is highly regarded for its scientific rigor and practical efficacy, making her a sought-after in the fields of executive coaching and leadership development. Her contributions continue to push the boundaries of what is scientifically understood about human consciousness and performance, offering transformative insights for leaders and organizations worldwide. 

Lindsay works within corporate artificial intelligence companies, startup founders, professional athletes, investment firms in Silicon Valley and a wide array of CEOs and leaders from the public and private sector more broadly.