Harry McIlroy, MD

Dr. McIlroy has expertise in osteopathy, meditation, and yoga, and treats his patients by incorporating natural medicine, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, medical cannabis and other health optimization modalities. We discuss the extensive validity and versatility of marijuana as a powerful medicine, from symptom control to treatment protocol. 

With his passion for underserved patient populations, and community outreach, Dr. McIlroy devotes much of his time to caring for these groups in the Bay Area. Dr. McIlroy shares his knowledge and perspective on the long repressed movement to adopt psychedelics as primary movers in trauma healing, cognitive up-regulation, and as tools for evolving consciousness. Concerned with the narrow reductionist paradigm of modern Western medicine, Dr. McIlroy reaches far and wide for his knowledge base to offer a systems wide approach to health and healing, embracing even the stigmatized paths. He has invoked such a unique spectrum of tools in his practice from ketamine to osteopathic adjustments, that the combinations of ideologies and treatments he uses are nearly unheard of

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