Benjamin Kaplan-Singer, MD

Dr. Benjamin Robert Kaplan-Singer, MD is a concierge medical doctor, biomedical researcher with 20+ years experience, consultant, and healthcare evolutionary. His unconventional path in medicine is shaped by deep personal experience. Upon becoming chronically ill while at the University of Michigan Medical School on a full-tuition academic scholarship, and being dismissed by academic specialists, he realized he would need to become his own healer, initiating a lifelong path of going whatever distance required to uncover truth and find practical solutions.

After a decade-plus of training with hundreds of practitioners around the world, helping thousands of patients, conducting countless self-experiments, and reversing his own chronic disease into a state of radiant wellbeing, he now applies his expertise in integrative, functional, regenerative, and psychedelic medicine to radically transform the lives of his patients. Dr. Ben shapes the future of medicine by combining leading-edge tech with scientifically- and ancestrally-based lifestyle medicine to reverse disease, optimize wellbeing, and maximize longevity. He is on a mission to extend the healthspan of people and regenerate Planet Earth through sustainable systems-level change and a collective raising of consciousness that realizes all life thrives when we live harmonically with nature’s intelligence. Connect now to join forces with Dr. Ben at

“Healing is about returning to the path of love.” -Dr. Benjamin Kaplan-Singer

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