Resilience Study 1

We are seeking 250 participants to partake in a 1-week study of a new stress support formula. The product is formulated to provide relief for daily stress and tension, aid stress-related fatigue, help you remain calmer during stressful circumstances.

Participants will be instructed to take the supplement (2 capsules) in the morning, with or without food. They will take the supplements for 5 days each week (i.e., 2 days each week of no-use).

All participants will start at the same time on June 20th, 2022.

Participation Requirements:

  1. Willingness to adhere to dietary supplement instructions and complete survey questions during the study;
  2. To not begin taking any new supplements while testing this product and continue taking any supplements they are currently using regularly.
  3. Willingness to complete questionnaires, records, and diaries associated with the study.
  4. Healthy adults aged 18-65

Exclusion Criteria:

  1. Existing psychiatric disorder, including depression;
  2. Women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant during the trial;
  3. Allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance to the investigational product’s active or inactive ingredients;
  4. Individuals who were deemed incompatible with the test protocol;
  5. Individuals who are cognitively impaired and/or who are unable to give informed consent;
  6. Current use of prescription medications.
  7. Any medical condition that would require their doctor’s approval prior to starting a dietary supplement.
This beta test has been completed